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21st Century Swampboy (Soundtrack / Interlude) ***

A Gift (Trad Molecules)****

Away (Easy) ****

Amelie (Bouski 2012)

Bird Cage (Upbeat)****+

Blois (Halfbeat)***+

Boom Boom (Lagged Jazz) ****!

Cabinet of Fear (Acoustic Band)****

Cage (Chilled)****+

Cande (Chilled & Changing)****+

Cherub on a Backplate (Soundtrack/Interlude)*****

Clean it up (Upbeat)****+!

Crash Lander (Halfbeat nice chilled)*****

Dandriff (Upbeat with a little nod to submarine)***

Dark Eye (Medium Tempo Chilled)***+

Deja (Soundtrack for film)*****

Didigrain (Film Music solo Guitar)****

Diditron (Loud Electro Interval)***

Doubt Mountain (Upbeat Electric Guitar)***+

Dracula's Baby (Movie Soundtrack)*****

Easter (Half beat electric)***

Earth (Upbeat cheesy intro with a bit of funk)***

Esvre Queues (Nod to ACDC with cool chorus sound)***+

Everywhere (strat riff)***+

Fake Like a Troll (Sound Track)*****

Fall (Acoustic Whimsical)***+

Found (Half Beat chilled with good chorus)****+

Fright Night (Electric) **+

Game Shift (Old school Didijazz) ****

Ginger (Acoustic Chilled)*****

Goes (Robot style phased guitar upbeat)*****

Got Me(Reason 10 Smooth groove)*****

Gut Feeling (Soundtrack interlude with sax)****

Heaven's Limbs****+

Horizontal Light (Chillled Cool riff nod to Radiohead)****+

Hole (Interlude)***

Hydrogen (Interlude)***

I am Fake News (Jamming medium pace)***+

Ice Tracks (Soundtrack interlude)**+

I Killed a Planet (Cool Riff)****+

Naive Tulip (Good Acoustic Soundtrack) *****

North Star (Good Bad Ugly Nod)*****

Noted (Good Electric old school Molecules)****

Ocean Remedy (Interlude turning into longer riff)**** (Needs work)

Pathos (Acoustic with light strings)

Plastic Wall (Good Jam Upbeat)****+

Radius (Acoustic cool)****

Random Man (Atmospheric Soundtrack)****+

Rationale (Acoustic Whimsical Moving into upbeat riff)*****

Red Leaf (Nod to Boston)**+

Return (Meloncholy Acoustic Soundtrack)*****

Revolution (Feb 2019 Electro Jazz)****+

Rob's Birthday (Upbeat oldstyle Molecules)****

Rob Tram (Melotron style Interlude)****

Sender (Unsettling Interlude)****

Seventy Six (Over-egged Upbeat)**

Something Will Happen (Heavy Plod)****

Spider (Electro)*****

Sputnik (Interlude - electro)**+

Stone Orange Sun (Electric with Solos)****

Thank Them (Acoustic light)****

Thank You (DidiJazz Acoustic)*****

That Moment (Soundtrack Unsettling)****

The Brewer's Dream (Electro Plodding Great Frippo sound)****

Tree Fella (Nod to Dum Dum Boys)***+

The Bottom of the Plea (Interlude Deep Sea)****

The Competitor (Soundtrack riff - Cool)****+

The Democrat (Spaceman soundtrack)*****

The Patriot (Keyboard Interlude Track)*****

The Plot (Acoustic cool chilled)*****

The Porter (Robo Style riff upbeat)***+

The Size of a Pie (VIbrophone Riff)****

The Welcome Party (Dreamy Upbeat Acoustic and Electric blend)***+

Tin Helmet (Acoustic gimcrackery)***+

Tree (Chilled Acoustic)*****

The Wig (Upbeat Krautrock riff good changes)****+

Ray Gun Blues (More traditional Molecules-style riff: nice changes)****

Risk of Sound (Movie Soundtrack for The Chair)*****

River (Didifunk Monkey man Can music)****+

Rolopolo (Upbeat catchy jangly needs remixing)***+

Savoir (Chilled Acoustic)*****

Star Tram (Upbeat Happy tram ride riff)****+

The Experiment (Good Upbeat Trad Strangefates Riff)****+

Vibropod (Acoustic pleasant interlude)****

Want to Know (Keyboard Soundtrack nod to Eno and Bowie)*****

Vegetable (Electro rock)****

Weather Man (Electro and phaser Funk)****

Zipper (Upbeat acoustic)***+

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