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Bittersweet Drinking Guinness at the Jester

Bittersweet Drinking Guinness at the Jester

Bittersweet on her Birthbay

Bittersweet Lime (foreground) with one of her custom guitars.

Bittersweet Lime on Ice

Bittersweet with costume and guitar change

Bitterweet Pose

Bittersweet Lime at the Cherry

Bittersweet insisting on wearing high heels on the slippery stage at the Cherry.

Bittersweet Lime joined as a virtual guitarist to help promote Strangefates in December 2006. An entrepreneur business woman from Germany with huge skills in building and scripting, Bittersweet designed a portable stage for Didier's second show in AWT in Secondlife and also brought a pile of pyrotechnnic effects and smoke bombs to the performance which continue to wow the audience and singe Didier's eyebrows.

Bittersweet with Strangefates

Bittersweet performs with Strangefates bringing a particular glow and glamour, with the occasional 'afks' also known as cigarette and coffee breaks.

Bittersweet Lime


Bittersweet is a highly regarded warrior in virtual world gaming so make sure you are on your best behaviour when you meet her.



Bittersweet Lime

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