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The Jester 14th June 2009

The Jester 20th August 2008

Paddies Day Warm Up 15th March 2008

Live at The Jester Inn, Pixelhill, Secondlife 11th March 2008

Live at The Jester Inn, Pixelhill, Secondlife 2nd January 2008

The Jester Inn, Pixelhill 17th December 2007


The Jester Inn, Pixelhill 10th December 2007

Photos: Natasja Koenkamp

The Jester is an extremely popular virtual live music and comedy venue founded December 2007 in Pixelhill, Secondlife.

It is hosted by Strangefates Wildchild Harrie Skjellerup and provides intimate live solo performance gigs for up to 40 avatars.

Only acts that are approved by Harrie and Strangefates founder Didier Soyuz are allowed to perform at the Jester. This maintains the quality of music and entertainment.

People wishing to perform at the Jester can e-mail Harrie at, or just IM her within the virtual world Secondlife.


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