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Natasja Koenkamp on the Two Tone Tornado Set

Natasja on the moon


Natasja KoenKamp

Born in the spring of 2007, Natasja Koenkamp started out as a dancer in Secondlife until attended one of Didier Soyuz's solo gigs at The Cherry Club. She then met Strangefates virtual guitarist Salamnder Maroon at the next SF-concert in Pontiac. Things would never be the same :)

From the 18th of June (Cherry Venue) Natasja became Strangefates Tour Photographer. Probably the only one who likes being outside of the spotlight! However she has gradually taken virtual musician roles over the 2007 fall.

Natasja also has an alter ego called Pugsy... a dog that gets particularly excited when Cat is about. Probably related to her having Scooby Doo as a great favorite, next to Didier. Also has a thing for space and is a bit of a Trekkie.


Secondlife Photographer Natasja Koenkamp

Natasja Koenkamp on the Star Trek Set in Secondlife Pugsy



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