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Andy: Drums Dave: Guitars Rob: Guitars Johnny: Silent Vocal

Strangefates Secondlife Machinima Movies:

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1. Strangefates Playing at Pixel Hill August 2008

2. Strangefates Playing at Pixel Hill April 2008


3. Strangefates Playing at Menorca January 2008


4. Strangefates Playing the Limelight Show for Bittersweet Lime's Birthday Nov 2007

5. Strangefates Playing Their Two Tone Tornado Set In Secondlife


6. Strangefates perform at Midnight Blues Club in Second Life

7. Strangefates Perform at Circe's Concert Hall, Ratepoint Secondlife


8. Strangefates Perform at the Red Rock Secondlife


9. Strangefates on Ice Spectacular at Perfect Isle Secondlife

10. Strangefates Perform at the Secondfest Festival Secondlife July 2007

11. Strangefates Perform at the Cherry Club in Secondlife

(Please note that if the quality of picture is not good go to this Youtube link here and view the movie on the smaller frame size option)


12. Strangefates Live at the Pontiac Stage Secondlife May 2007

13. Strangefates live at Rydems in Secondlife May 2007

14. Strangefates Live in Menorca April 2007

15. Strangefates Live at Bittersweet Lime's Rooftop April 2007

16. Strangefates Live at Monkey Island March 2007

17. Strangefates Live at the Cosmos 2007