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The Molecules Live At The Crypt Video
After getting run over by a car and having a Michelin Wet Weather Tyre track permanently embedded across his stomach, Dave found work in a Church Community Centre in Huddersfield as a Music Project Worker. The Vicar upstairs became irate when Dave had a Nihilist Heavy Metal Band playing in the Crypt whilst a christening was taking place upstairs. He was ordered to plan more organised events outside of the Vicar's time. Dave therefore planned a talent show and this was to include the Molecules. There was only one snag. Kev, their drummer at the time had gone to Amsterdam to work, but he had left his paper drumkit in Rob's flat. Duncan, a Roadie lived next door. He had enough muscles to make the kit sound loud, so he was instantly hired at the cost of a chicken madras, a nan bread and two onion bahjis. After three half-hour practice sessions, the Molecules were ready to undertake their tour of Yorkshire. Through contacts in the media world, Dave managed to have one of the shows filmed with help from some young people from a Youth Club who had never used a camera before. Johnny, their famous silent vocalist actually turned up to the gig. In between the tracks, Johnny can be heard in the crowd. This is the only public documentation of Johnny being audible, albeit with hysterical laughter. No-one is quite sure exactly when the gig took place. As usual Johnny was not photographed to help maintain the spirit of silence. Duncan borrowed a bass bin from his Roadie Company to ensure Rob's bas guitar made everyone's trouser legs ride up.Sound Engineer and part-time Carpet Salesman Ryan Beno was drafted in to produce the final video and decided to leave the two camera video tapes as two separate movies. He explained it was "like having the comfort of a shag pile carpet with the luxury of a hand woven rug on top". Nuff said.

Duncan Hoare: Drums

Rob: Bass

Dave: Guitar

Track Listings:

1. Jeepster 2. First Jazz Song 3. Motorway 4. Zappa Song 5. Danny Steele 6. Haunted House Blues. 7. The Illustrated Van

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