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The following is a family history showing the main people who have collaborated with the Molecules and Strangefates over the last 30 years.

October 2009 - Present

Phemie Alcott and Didier Soyuz

Phemie Alcott and Didier Soyuz

Singer - Songwriter Phemie Alcott

Phemie Alcott is already an established singer / songwriter from Pittsburgh USA broadcasting live shows via virtual platforms such as Secondlife. She has recently teamed up with Dave to collaborate on a set of new songs. There seems to be a special chemistry here, and early responses have been very enthusiastic.

Their debut album Whispers In The Underground (October 2010) is now available for download. Some of the songs have been produced with contribution from Bouski's very own drummer And.D




Bouski Poster

Dave: Guitars; Chris Thomas: Vocals; And.D Drums

Chris, (Oil Sales rep, Farmer, builder, vocalist, and later to become a World class Hairdresser), saw Dave performing at the Warehouse and hired him instantly by buying a pint of Guinness and a packet of pork scratchings.

Chris and Dave started to compose and perform melodic original songs at local venues in Chester where Dave's guitar regularly broke down. (Dave had accidently spilled lager down the battery slot) The guitar has never fully recovered, and only functions if a piece of cardboard is forced into the eq control.

Local Drummer And.D was introduced to Dave by Chris. As soon as Dave learned that And.D owned his own drumsticks, he was hired.

Read more on Bouski here


November 2007 - 2008

Didier Soyuz and Preciousse Moody

Toronto Vocalist Preciousse Moody

Toronto Vocalist Preciousse Moody

Personnel: Didier Soyuz: Real Guitar; Preciousse Moody; Vocals

In real life Dave worked with Preciousse Moody. Preciousse is a very talented singer, songwriter from Toronto, Canada, receiving excellent reviews in Secondlife. They have collaborated on three songs to date: Free Your Heart, and Shine (Play On) received particular attention from fans and critics. Preciousse eventually withdrew from virtual live performances for personal reasons.


Free Your Heart

Shine (play on )




The Molecules # 4

Primitive Rob Avatar

Rob re-created as a 3D virtual character

Personnel: Dave, Guitars, effect knob; Rob Bass, Guitars. Darryl; Drums.

Dave, Rob, Darryl Was that a lampost?: Darryl was discovered in Kevs house, and replaced Kev whilst he went away to program computers. Daryl could only play one beat, although it was arguably good. He left under mysterious circumstances then he suddenly appeared at rehearsals a few weeks later with a couple of teeth missing. The band chose to break up before they lost their teeth too


The Molecules # 5

The Molecules early Video Clip 1989

The Molecules in an early animation promo movie

Personnel: Dave, Guitars, Effect Knob; Rob Bass, Guitars; Mike, Drum Fills.

Darryl was replaced with drummer Mike. He was very enthusiastic and liked to hit his drums very load. Unfortunately he used all his energy in two hits. He swam 400 lengths every day to build up his stamina, but couldn't play to a beat longer than 5 seconds. However, Rob and Dave discovered that Mike could play drum fills in time, so all compositions during this period consisted of nothing but drum rolls. Some of these tracks are available on early Molecules albums.

Best Tracks:

Mike Couldn't Play This;

The Power, The Power



The Molecules # 6

Legendary Vocalist of The Molecules and Strangefates, Johnny Nightingale

The infamous and lovable Johnny Nightingale

Personnel: Dave, Guitars; Rob Guitars; Johnny Nightingale, Silent Vocals; Robot Alien, Drums

Johnny Nightingale, an Actor from Barnsley had supported the molecules in their Cult Film Captain Amazon where he played a Mum with muscles. This was a silent film and inspired the band to give Johnny the role of lead vocalist. His silent vocals were an instant success, with the added advantage that they could not afford a microphone. Johnny went on to patent many inventions including a sponge tuning fork and the extra large pint glass. He perfected his silent singing to the extent where he learnt how to stop breathing for the entire length of the live set. He left the band temporarily to tour Australian bars, became a world renowned traffic light engineer, and built his own boat to sail round the world. Some of his adventures are chronicled on the internet: More details on Johnny are listed on his own page here. .


Audio Can Change Your Life : Rated 4 Stars

Gravity Always Lets You Down: Rated 3 Stars


The Molecules # 2


The famous Dolphin Daydream logo as printed on all Molecules merchandise

Personnel: Dave, Guitars, Effect Knob; Rob Bass, Guitars. Kev: Paper-Mache Drumkit; Robot Alien: Percussion

Kev's drum kit was made out of paper and twigs. His playing style was unusual. He would follow every beat played on Dave's Guitar. This led to long compositions made up of unrelated sequenced riffs. This was the stage where Dave and Rob started to learn how to play guitars with more than one string.They also learned how to control their laughter whilst ridiulously heavy riffs were played in random sequences. Studio versions of the tracks emerged, although are not currently available to the public.


Cold Foot / Twenty-Five Envelopes

Terry, Craig and Dave Circa 1984

Terry, Craig and Dave watching TV at Sharrow Road in Sheffield

Personnel: Dave, Guitars, Effect knob; Captain Amazon, Elephant Guitar. Terry, Hi Hat and Snare; Robot Alien Jr, Drums.

This was a band quickly formed by Dave, and his student house mates in Sheffield: Terry, Craig, and Robot Alien Jr: Craig had an acoustic guitar that fed back and sounded like an Elephant with terrific bowel wind, Terry could only afford a high hat and one drum stick, and Dave had his magic cassette tape echo box, and an Amplifier that was so heavy, it gave each band member an injury. After a disasterous gig in Sheffield and some initial stage fright under the band name 'Cold Foot', they changed their name to Twenty-Five envelopes. This outfit toured the North of England and supported Dave's friends in a band called Eric and the Underpants from Hell in Derby College. It was their first professional gig which boxed £15. Unfortunately, no recordings were made during the live tour.

Best Track:

The Martians are Invading


The Molecules # 3

The Molecules live in 1988

The Molecules Live at the Crypt in Huddersfield UK 1988 (New Yorkers...note the date..yes we have a full house of witnesses)

Personnel: Dave, Guitars; Rob, Bass Guitars. Duncan Hoare: Percussion

Kev left the band to tour the world, but he forgot to take his Paper Drum Kit. Rob and Dave heard Duncan playing Kev's kit five miles away. Rob and Dave instantly hired him by buying him a Curry. Duncan toured Sheffield and Huddersfield with this legendry live outfit. One of the best gigs ever was at the Crypt in Huddersfield. Unfortunately, the audience was largely made up of a group of pensioners that had been bussed in thinking they were going to see a musical spectacular with Frank Iflield. The band played support to a ukelele player and a whole team of people from Care in the Community.

Live DVD:

The Molecules Live in The Crypt


The Galactic Quest

Rob, circa 1980

Molecules Bass Player Rob in the 80s

Personnel: Rob Szczerba One Stringed Bass Guitar; Dave Szczerba Two stringed acoustic guitar, sixty five in one electronics project kit; Cosmo Hodgson: Drums.

Dave and Rob had been experimenting with tape machines for months, but had no cash for musical instruments. Dave built a sound generator out of a tandy projects kit and started to loop synthetic sounds together. Cosmo Hodgson had just bought a Drum kit for his birthday and was keen to demonstrate his solo skills. No-one else was. However, Robs tapes were running, and before he knew it, the result was sampled and spliced into the first two Galactic Quest Albums. Cosmo subsequently left the band to join the Police. The success of the first album (which was played daily in the school sixth form common room) put pressure on the band to generate more electronic loops. Finally a quadrouple live album was released leaving critics and fans alike speechless. The Project Sinfield album was marketed as a live show from Dewsbury Town Hall, although researchers have since learned it was recorded in Ravensthorpe Railway Station.

Albums Released

1978: Project Skiffle: Rated 4 stars

1979: Project Sinfield: Rated 3 stars

Best Track:

'We Too Can Speak German'


The Szczerba / Parry Experience

Simon Circa 1994

Dave's school friend and violinist Simon Parry

Personnel: Dave Szczerba Guitars and Drum Machine , Simon Parry Guitar and Violin

Simon had a full beard by the time he was five years old, and played violin whilst riding on a motor bike. Whilst at College, Simon played his first gig as the Horncastle project with a wah wah pedal, and steam powered amp and took it down to Dave's studios in Mirfield West Yorkshire. Dave had just acquired a guitar and fed the pickup through an amended portable radio to produce earsplitting feedback. The sessions were taped, but are yet to be releasd to the relief of everybody.

Simon studied accountancy for two hundred years (allegedly) before escaping to Wales to join a folk outfit with a Huge Amplifier System. He was the first person to have a petrol driven amplifier. Simon has continued to build his violins as a qualified luthier and to perform live in local rock bands. He recently resurfaced in Lancaster. Dave has threatened to work on a collaboration of recorded tracks in the near future.


1978: Escape from Mirfield (unreleased): Rated 1 star


1979 - 1984

The Molecules # 1

Dave Circa 1992

Dave: The Molecules guitarist in the 80s

Personnel: Dave, Guitars, effect knob; Rob Bass, Guitars. Robot Alien: Drums

After Cosmo left to join the Police (literally), Dave decided to look for a drummer.Dave met Robot Alien in Music Ground in Leeds and hired him on the spot. Robot Alien had amazing time-keeping skills, and turned up to every session provided a couple of 1.5 volt batteries were suitably inserted. This led to the first 4 track recordings. As Rob and Dave were practicing every night, these sessions were some of the tightest and were similar to their infamous live sets..

Rather strangely, in the nineties, someone from New York contacted Rob, claiming to be the first band to be called the molecules, and threatened to sue the brothers. They were somewhat baffled by the seriousness of the request, as they did not think anyone who was serious would want to fight for the name 'molecules' as a brand name. The name was chosen because it made them laugh.

Fans can be assured that whether Dave and Rob are proud of the brand name or not, this is the original Molecules (LOL), and actually is a real band.


Mirfield Moments (Compilation), Rated 3 stars


Twelve Monsters, Rated 4 Stars

Captain Amazon: Rated 5 Stars



2001 - 2004



Rob Szczerba: Bass; Andy Moser: Drums; Dave Coldron: Sax; Rob Aston Guitar

Described as industrial Freaky Funk, this was Rob's breakaway band, with a clear influence of Frank Zappa, and the distinct grinding funk clunk of that Charvel bass guitar.

All tracks were performed live in Sheffield during the infamous Bailey Street Sessions.

More on Tripper here.




Dec 2006-Present


Strangefates Live Show 2008

Audience goes crazy at Strangefates Live Show in Secondlife 2008

Personnel: Didier Soyuz, Guitars; And.D, Real Drums; Salamander Maroon, Virtual Guitarist; Harrie Skjellerup, Virtual Guitarist; Cat Gisel, Virtual Drummer; Bittersweet Lime, Virtual Bass

Dave entered the online virtual land Secondlife as frustrated guitarist Didier Soyuz in November 2006. Didier explored music venues and met Sal, Harrie, Cat and Bittersweet along the way who willingly volunteered to create a virtual band for live shows. The band soon established a reputation as a class virtual band act with each character having strong but rather engaging personalities. The band origins range from Ireland, Germany, UK, and USA. Sal specialised in high leaps and sharp wit; Harrie is a cult purple fashion icon as well as chief marketeer, Bittersweet is stagebuilder and full-time Warrior; Cat weilds luminous drumsticks and acts as band counsellor. They continued to tour up till 2008 with increasing popularity in Secondlife. The chronicles of the band are logged here. Didier disbanded the virtual act to focus on more recording for 2009, although there is still hope of a few reunions. A set of video clips can be found on Youtube which demonstrate the elaborate sets used.

Didier continued to record studio albums with Rob and And.D under the name Strangefates, the most recent being 'Silent Ghosts'

Jan 2007-Present

Didier Soyuz

Didier Soyuz

Guitarist Didier Soyuz (aka Dave)

Didier Soyuz: Real and Virtual Guitar

From the success of Strangefates within Secondlife, Didier was encouraged to perform acoustic guitar solo instrumental sets live without a safety net at various clubs, including the Hummingbird, The Cherry, Luxor, Egret and Monkey Island. His live set has become an established event. Didier varies the set list each time, and keeps the audience in suspense, watching to see if he can remain on stage for the full duration without falling off or crashing the SIM. To date he has created several hours of live material, of which a number of songs have been recorded as live demos. A long awaited studio album is still...being awaited.

Didier's live shows are chronicled here.


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