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  JOHNNY: A short biography  

Johnny was born in Barnsley in the mid sixties.

He moved to Sheffield to study advanced big glass technology, then went away singing and gardening his way through Australia, and ultimatley becoming a Master of Road Junction Function. An entrepreneur, Johnny has made his name through inventions such as the sponge tuning fork, extra large pint glass, and the 'quiet speaker cone'. He is currently completing a mammoth book entitled '1000 Essential Road Junctions To Visit Before You Die'.

Johnny became the Lead Singer with the Molecules in the early eighties after being picked to co-star in an early Silent Film 'Captain Amazon'. Johnny played the Super Hero's Mother with such humility that it brought tears to everyone's eyes. The Molecules felt that if Johnny could sing with the same level of passion as his acting, they would be onto a winner. Johnny took the Molecules' thoughts literally and as the film he was in was silent, he thought that he had to sing silently. The result was a resounding success. Johnny started to perfect the style of silent vocals by buying a microphone, then leaving it at home. He then would not perform on stage, but sat in the crowd, before advancing to not even knowing when the Molecules were performing. He felt this was a safer bet than holding his breath which he once tried for the duration of seven songs before collapsing and making a slight wheezing noise.




Ex-Folk Singer and part-time Belgian Monk Johnny, together with the Molecules developed a process to record sound in a vacuum so they could hear what true Space Rock should really sound like. Dave also discovered that recording sound in a vacuum generated a Maximum Ear Wiggle Effect phenomenon and wrote a paper on this at Sheffield University on the back of a beer mat.

Johnny has produced a solo album called Barnsley In a Big Glass, although he isn't aware that anything was recorded as it was made whilst he was out of the studio. It has been critically acclaimed as a masterpiece of minimalism. A bootleg of the Big Glass Tour (entitled 'Music for Libraries') became an international seller and is played constantly in public spaces to enhance the silence.

Johnny recently suffered from writers block where he became temporarily audible, singing Belgian Folk Songs and becoming a DIY fanatic. The Molecules worked to rehabilitate Johnny, first by jointly editing and remastering the silent film Captain Amazon, re-released in 2005.

Johnny continues to sing silently for the Molecules..also known as Strangefates in the virtual world Secondlife.

Johnny has only just returned from a sailing trip around the world where he learnt how to not be heard by fish and crustaceans, and how to grow a beard at the same time.


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