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Graphics and Videos

The most iconic graphics and images relating to The Molecules, Strangefates, and Bouski were created by Johnny Rem (aka Rob Szczerba). He has his own website, (mainly for 3D enthusiasts) where you can see the most up to date projects. This page shows a few favorite clips. Dave also created and produced a couple of 3D video clips by no means anywhere near the level of the former. However, they have their moments, hence their presence. In addition, this page includes links to Youtube movies of the legendary Strangefates and Didier Soyuz shows in the virtual world Secondlife which rejuvinated interest in the Molecules and Strangefates back catalogue. Despite it's mixed reputation, Secondlife was a perfect creative platform to entertain audiences live with sound and visuals and performances from virtual band members. To top it all there is a clip of a classic live gig by the Molecules (Yes the real Molecules band, performing live at Huddersfield Crypt, England UK)

Click here for Molecules Live in Huddersfield Video


Click here for Strangefates virtual performance videos

Moebius: 2006

Created by Johnny Rem (aka Rob): Another fantastic and critically acclaimed clip of an alien riding round a moebius strip shaped road on a Lambretta. A youtube version is here as an alternative.

Groovus Maximus : 2006

A clip out of Johnny Rem's (Rob) mesmorising March 2006 Molecules Project with Charm dancing to the Molecule's "Neurorock Freeway" . The software used is Lightwave.

Bouski Video: "Start Again" 2005

This CG animation was produced by Dave using a free 3D programme called Truespace which is now defunct. Photos of the band members were directly projected onto the spaceman characters. As there was no real bass player at the time, a robot was created to take their place. It practically destroyed Dave's computer, (if you are into 3D graphic rendering you will know why) and he decided to move away from animation to live music broadcasting after this.

The Molecules Dance Video : 2005

Similarly, this 2005 animation was also produced by Dave, more as a challenge than a final product. The characters have heads modeled on the most successful line up of the of the Molecules (Dave, Rob, Johnny, and And.D) using their photos mapped onto the models.

The movie shows the Molecules form a dance quartet performing to their single Ich Bich Ein Machine Jan 2005