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3D Version of Rob as produced by Dave in Truespace

Rob lives in Sheffield with his pet goldfish and a few million bacteria and he has built his Invisible Ray Studios where he continues to record sessions with the Molecules.

Rob also joined the band Acoustic Chainsaws, which evolved into 'Tripper', a local multi-ethnic jazz fusion band, again using the distinctive gravel on a rail track bass noise produced by his combination of Galien Kruger amplification and bass guitar. During many a session he is heard shouting has anyone got a battery?

Rob continues with his 3d art and some of the frightening results are to be seen at his very own site. This can be found at His latest project is a CG animation that has taken five years to produce. It is due for release in 2035

In 2010 Rob is developing a photography project which aims to capture every single cloud in the sky. It is attracting a lot of attention from countryside hikers who appear to be injuring themselves as they are looking upwards too often and not seeing the pot-holes that they are falling into.

Rob is a Founder Member of the Galactic Quest and the Molecules. Rob is responsible for the majority of Molecules Album Covers as well as the grinding bass lines using his industrial standard Gemini Bass Guitar which was made out of a single tree with the branches and leaves left on.

He was born in the early sixtiess in Dewsbury and was brought up in Mirfield where he looked after younger brother Dave and taught him how to make 3d models of monsters out of modelling clay. Rob soon progressed to Comic Strip production and sold out his first series of King Konk in a day, mainly because he only had one copy.

Rob and Dave ventured into experimental movie making and animation using a super 8 cine camera before finally ditching the whole lot during the punk era to produce their cult classic album Project Skiffle using hand wound tape recorders and bits of metal.

Rob's amazing 3d video clip moebius: Music by The Molecules.