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Finally, a breakthrough...The Molecules have launched this preview of their new album.

After much debate in the Passage to India Curry House, Hillsborough (Molecules meeting headquarters) The working title of Silent Ghosts is likely to change, along with the bandname. The bandname will become Strangefates. This is to coincide with their launch into Second Life a virtual world where over 1.5 Million people have registered to find better things..and hopefully this music!

2002 's landmark album 'Clockwork Love' saw the Molecules moving further into multi-media: their critically acclaimed video Moebius Strip was broadcast by Pete Townsend and friends on his Towser TV in 2006: The Molecules were thrilled, even though they couldn't find anyone who saw the clip when it was on air. Rob concentrated on building more 3D images to complete the ambitious animation project. The cover of the new album represents Calculus Girl, her hair hiding her massive mathematician's brain.

Meanwhile Johnny had been intending to Sail round the world in a home-made boat and to record his second solo album simultaneously. Unfortunately these hopes were dashed when he was run over by a truck whilst clinging to a traffic light in Doncaster. Johnny ended up with his foot in plaster, the throbbing making too much noise for any of his famous silent vocals.

Dave maintained contact with the band through various means: Rob was easy to find on the internet whilst he was building his animation on his computer, and even joined in with a session with Bouski through MSN messenger. His bass line ended up being three seconds behind the track. Luckily it only had one note, so no-one noticed.

There were several Molecules reunions including the infamous 'Melt my Fridge' Sessions at Oakland Road Studios, Sheffield in 2004 with Johnny turning up taking photos of the band playing in Rob's front room. Some of these tracks were salvaged for the 'Silent Ghosts' Album. Johnny's sepia photos are currently being tracked down after being stolen from the local Curry House outside the 'Blue Ball' pub in Hillsborough. A reward of two onion bhajis, a Chicken Korma and a Gallon of Kingfisher Lager was offered offered. Many fakes responded with photos of people in alien suits playing cardboard guitars.

Dave and Rob decided it was safer to meet in Polish restaurants from them on, eating Hungarian Pancakes, and beetroot soup whilst drinking Brock beer followed by Cherry Vodka shots. This severely affected the band's work rate, but resulted in sessions with a more relaxed pace. Eat Your Dreams is an example of this process. Dave had to be strapped to his chair whilst recording this after a night of Polish Icecream covered in sugerlumps soaked in Bison Vodka.

It also represented work which included synthesizers for the first time. Dave invested in the celebrated Reason programme to try and discover a range of odd noises to embellish the new Molecules tracks with. The new track 'Frogs with Frogs' is a good example of this. Some purely electronic sequences were recorded 2004-6 and then later overdubbed by the ever faithfull drummer And.D. The snare on his electronic was not always triggering which resulted in strange time signatures.

The band proceeded to dismantle And.D's Roland Drumkit and discovered the key piece of equipment was a small piece of rubber glued onto a 30p piezo microphone that had disintegrated.

On putting the kit together again, yet more spare parts seemed to exist. However, And.D was able to record Shine (Drum remix) which received very good feedback from the mp3unsigned website and even entered the charts remaining in the top 20 for six weeks. Dave had posted a number of tracks on the site for feedback and advice on the production. Responses from a Country singing truck driver from Utah, and a Harlem Rapper helped shape the album.

Snippets of some early electronic tracks were salvaged by Dave to use as breaks inbetween heavier tracks.

The final version of the album is still being produced as more tracks were recently discovered underneith piles of demos in Dolphin Daydream Studios.

The virtual IPOD at the top includes a selection to wet your appetite.

The known as Strangefates have been touring in Secondlife since December 2006: Watch out for details here.


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