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Reviews of The Promise


tremendous. Such a great sound. the whole guitar thing works so well. Would make such a good commercial vocal track. Steve

      ditheramb - 07 May 2006

hey...i like this....trippy, mellow, thoightful....kinda reminds me of Placebo.. and a touch of Radiohead....but wheres the vox?...this is some quality music that IMHO needs a strong vocal and lyrical theme....still, very nicely done, good music..
     Act of Oblivion - 02 August 2005

I love this track - this version sounds bigger, thats for sure. Great work
      Planet Dust - 20 June 2005

Yet again another amazing track from you lot, my brother will be well happy as he lives in Chester! Keep up the excellent work. ONAGER
      paredafoe - 19 June 2005

Aaah ! Well happy that you are in the TOP 20 of this week... Super congrats !
Alexis Van Eeckhout ;)
      ROUSSEL AVanE - 19 June 2005

Very good drums playing, very good rock tune !
      AVanE & Co - 19 June 2005

Reviews of Gentle Future

I love the synths on this track...very mellow...relaxing...absorbing. Kinda has a mediterranean feel to it...great job ...Da_yizar
      Dayizar - 10 May 2006

enjoyed it but i feel it's too short maybe cause i liked it that much!!!!!!good work done!!
      owen shannon - 03 May 2006

chilled out and some spanish influences i sense here, or is it just the percussion? i like the strings, they sound majestic.
      Tom Joas - 03 May 2006

Very nice laid back ambient track this one.... Argh, but I feel robbed, the last 1/3 was silence! Good track all the same.
      Virus - 03 May 2006

Chilled guys and you know that works for me coz im a chilled type of think the word is sweet.
      Undercurrent - 03 May 2006

i thought i had already commented on this really cool chill out track nice synth sounds flows really well thumbs up m8 good stuff
      MD-1 Project - 30 April 2006

Everything I'm listening to right now seems to have this laid back jazz feel, this is realy good, I love it when music works without trying. Such a good track I think I'll rate this one:) Steve
      ditheramb - 26 April 2006

Nice atmosphere going on here and the hotel muzak percussion (I mean that in a good way)keeps everything going like a metronome. Enjoyed your work before and continue to do so!
      Wasted Day Music - 25 April 2006

Very nice. Lovely and mellow. Just what the doctor ordered.
Nice tune guys.
      The Shed - 25 April 2006

Really nice vibe to this song. It leaves a nice feeling:) those strings too. Well produced too..Good stuff.
      MarkAlexander - 24 April 2006

Nice percussion and lovely warm pads. Good job! As E_S said; you may want to get rid of that silence at the end - or is that intentional? ;) - MoXoM
      theHIDDEN - 24 April 2006


Good track. Very melodic and soulful feel. I would love to hear vocals to it.
      Jeffersun - 24 April 2006

oooh i love the atmosphere. feels soothing, and jazzy. just outside my gym the play smooth acid jazz all day, and this would fit perfectly. i imagine a trumpet coming in and out, you should try and get one in there
      Dj Redshirt - 24 April 2006

cool track here, great pads... cool atmostphere and I think it will benefit greatly from some live drumming. You've got a lot of silence tacked onto the end of the track... just thought I'd give you a heads-up. Great work!
      electric salmon - 24 April 2006

Reviews of Eat Your Dreams

good groove. sounds like the smiths. but where is it going?
      moose_factor - 10 November 2005

this is smooth and relaxing great sound.
      undertakermusic - 21 October 2005

the molecules great name superb track
      Project_19 - 03 September 2005

nice relaxed vibe to this one, maybe a little repetitive towards the end for me but then again this isn't the sort of thing i normally listen to. very good nonetheless, excellent production too.
      focusgroup - 12 May 2005

Relaxed floating track, great production.
      EMMERSON - 09 May 2005

This is excellant - really nice guitar work and the synth backing is very nice indeed. Sort of washes over you - great stuff
      Planet Dust - 09 May 2005

Catchy track, nice pace, beautiful guitars and atmosphere!
      WaVeS - 06 May 2005

really good. The chords that are played sound awesome especially with the selection of instrumentation. Made me smile from ear to ear fellas!!! class bit of music. peace. (the MIDDLEMEN)
      acrosoma - 06 May 2005

Really neat sounding tune.Something about the tone on the bass really stands out.Puts me in mind of that tune,Everybody Look Whats Goin Down,I think thats the name of it.Anyway,very cool song.
      laurelv - 06 May 2005

Very good musical piece too ! Cool .
      Alexis VAN EECKHOUT - 03 May 2005

I feel a Coldplay esque vibe with your music. But musicianship they could use in many aspects of the guitar area. I really like this one guys.
      germy - 02 May 2005

Review of Didier Soyuz in Myspace Entry by 'Panther' September 2008


Reviews of African Hills


Man this song has a good vibe. enjoyed the listen. rated
      ChoicestHops - 27 September 2006

I really enjoyed this. The band sounds good, the progression is really nice. The spacey reverb sound sits in there really nicely. I think it ends too suddenly but thats a small quibble - great track
      Planet Dust - 05 June 2005

I luv that twangy thing buzzing about in the mix. Gives it an Outback feel.
Great production and really comes at you thick and fast.
      tenderhooks - 07 May 2005

Well finally got the chance to come up and have a listen to a song of yours, and am glad that I opted for African Hills, the environment and feel to the song is fantastic, excellent smooth entry, unique echoy guitars and brilliant structure. I was a little unsure at the start of the song if I would like it, but it has now turned out to be one of my favorites already. I am definately going to download this and recommend it to all my friends. Keep up the fantastic work.
      DanzTronic - 07 May 2005

Dear God how ethereal. Once the music kicks in I'm all over your style. I love this track.. F*ck it. I'm gonna download it right now. later.
      germy - 02 May 2005

in other words....very very good musical work.
      B-cause - 30 April 2005

Very very good musical work. A very structured music and well produced ! Really good and enticing musical work!
      Alexis VAN EECKHOUT - 30 April 2005

Reviews of March 17th

great track, spacy.. some interesting changes, all good
      The Cube - 20 March 2006

Excellent stuff! I really enjoy your style, the padwork, drumming and everything is great. Love this one.
      electric salmon - 19 March 2006

this is really GOOD. you got a good one, for a 2nd song in this direction you got a winner. Top notch. I didn't hear anything vocals..? not sure if that was a joke. 10/10
      Valued Points - 19 March 2006

Reviews of Ich Bin Ein Machine

Sounds like a song that would be by U2 or REM.

I listen to it on my MP3 Player.

Keep it comin'! :)
      seandon - 20 April 2006

Like the trippy guitar line v.much.
      Dagnamski - 06 October 2005

First listen here, and I like what I hear. Love the slightly wavering guitar line, spot-on production, Checking out more of you later!
      Pruneau - 01 June 2005

Excellent piece of work, but could be made so much better with some vocals. Instrumental is spot on my friend and a real pleasure to listen to, but I want to hear vox somewhere. production on the music is quality, peace. (the MIDDLEMEN)
      acrosoma - 30 April 2005

i dont think japan or alexis read your bio :-)....there is a vocalist on the track...but he is silent....thats why i said johnny was the best vocalist i have NEVER heard...he is there somewhere...u have to imagine what he is singing.
      B-cause - 30 April 2005

Excellent ROCK BASIS , you could add vocals ? Or a melody more .... anyway 10/10 for this already like it is !
      Alexis VAN EECKHOUT - 29 April 2005

This is great! Great progression and the production is top quality. Really enjoyed this, great work
      Planet Dust - 29 April 2005

This sounds great think a vocal part would add quite well. Maybe male indie style, anyway Well done!
      japan4 - 29 April 2005

jonny is the best singer i have never heard in my life!!!!! 10
      B-cause - 28 April 2005

Lovin this.... Sourin through my head... Excellent composition/performance and production..

      Slippy-T - 28 April 2005

Reviews of Too Cold (Bouski)

Excellent track, as ever I think your music is very inventive and quality. ONAGER
      paredafoe - 15 February 2007

Just caught this on a random search.. What a great find..

Love the ease with which you put it over.

Great production and composition .. Got me a D/L.

Moooooost excellent
      Slippy-T - 05 December 2006

Reviews Of In the Past (Bouski)

Love this track.
      hogdaddy - 12 March 2006

cool freaking track. you guys are cool.
      Marcos N. - 10 July 2005

I also love the fact that this is beautifully seem to be jumping on a bandwagon...BUT m8 I have to say you totally evoke a feeling in me that this is a GREAT halfway house between rock and Simon & Garfunkel...and I love it!
      Youth - 25 June 2005

Really happy with this track. Sounds like there was a lot of thought put into it with worthy results cheers.
      davesz - 24 June 2005

Very very good and i like it because it is very melodic and chillin . Good vocals too ...10/10
Alexis ;)
      Alexis VAN EECKHOUT - 19 June 2005

Very melodic and chilled. Lovely warm vocals.
      Virus - 17 June 2005

Guardian Review Of Secondfest and Strangefates Jul 2nd 2007

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Review of Strangefates in

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Reviews of Shine (Instrumental Version)


Oh and i believe you a local Cheshire man - very cool
      Tacx - 19 April 2006

Really enjoyed this
Brilliant drumming, fancy sorting me out with some samples ??? seriously - you have just the sound im lookijng for with my breakbeat work - email me - if you have any spare time :-)
Congrats, and superb track
      Tacx - 16 April 2006

Great track, great drumming! But there was nowt at all up with the original i really like that. But fair enough this is now improved - good ....!
      jaymzleeshaw - 11 April 2006

sounding great, guys... sounds a bit like boards of canada, which is definitely a good thing. The live drumming adds some spice to make it even better. Keep it up!
      electric salmon - 09 April 2006

Wow....I was blown away !!! The live drumming was outrageous !!! Overall nice tune, nice ethereal sound, great mix...matter of fact, I'm going to go listen to it again...thanks...Da-yizar
      Dayizar - 09 April 2006

stunning track, i love the atmosphere,nicely produced,feeling the drums i hear a hint on some kinda hand drum in there too..nice floaty tune,i shall be watchin you for more in this style,really nice
      tangent - 09 April 2006

Great atmosphere, the real instrumentation with the synth effects are just great in terms of blending together, a great mix to whoever's responsable.Reminds me of some Ozric Tentacles type stuff, real trippy.Nice.1
      minus13 - 09 April 2006

The drums make me think of Our Lady Peace jamming with Eno. This is a really nice track with some great sounds - nice dynamic to it as well. An all round jammy bun, if you ask me!
      Wasted Day Music - 09 April 2006

Cool track and i think thats the funniest page i've ever read!!
      scott slater - 08 April 2006

this is a great track,,awesome drumming too!...kind of frantic but chilled out at the same time!....well produced too...good work and top stuff!...Mark:)
      MarkAlexander - 08 April 2006

really cool tune the live drum overdub works really well awesome stuff m8 thumbs up from me
      MD-1 Project - 08 April 2006

really great track, first one I heard from you.. yeap, smooth..
      The Cube - 08 April 2006

Nice sounding track.I'm in awe at the drums.wish I could play em like that.Smooth peacefull tune.Like it man.
      laurelv - 08 April 2006

Sound fine to me, lovely crisp drum sound. Steve
      ditheramb - 08 April 2006

sorry ment to use dj sublow account to comment keep em comin.
      subsonic - 05 April 2006

great stuff great bass vocals beats like alot. bass maybe a bit too loud n drown out beats a little but does not take to much away from a great tune.
      subsonic - 05 April 2006

great track, at the end the high synth just took me off to the clouds
      Stew - 25 April 2006

This just flows so wonderfully.. Very atmospheric and relaxing ..

Superb production and composition

      Slippy-T - 13 March 2006

Very nice music!
      AndieKry - 12 March 2006

Superb composition and production.
      DaveRave - 12 March 2006

this is a nice track,cant really add to whats already been said really.good production and flow etc.nice chilled relaxing vibe,if this is your first attempt at making electyronica,id like to here what you will be doing next...very nice job:)
      tangent - 12 March 2006

yeap, couldn't describe it better, Harmonious amd mesmeric..and a truly celestial feel too.
      The Cube - 11 March 2006

Great Track! Brilliantly put together. You certainly created a great atmosphere, and as it builds the listener gets drawn in more and more...can't wait to hear it when it's finished..cheers, Martin
      jmgallagher - 11 March 2006

Very chillin track. Very organic and earth bound although there's a truly celestial feel too. Harmonious amd mesmeric. Lovely stuff Molecule friends.
      tenderhooks - 10 March 2006

I will just re-itterate what has already been said below me. This is a very good can def hear everythin in the mix and thats without a few days/weeks/months (years!) on a mastering session. I can see why Elec Salmon loves this track so much - it is pretty savage to be fair..well beautiful. Be sure to put up the finished mix so we can all listen, peace.
      acrosoma - 09 March 2006

great work! I can hear loads of potential in this track - really is the type of track that makes you reflect on life and is very relaxing, which is just my style. After the melody finishes that cuts off at the end I suggest it get really ambient, just drums or the voices... perhaps in a different melody, to give the track a nice change up and this will really sparkle even more. Really lovely work, can't wait to hear the finished product.
      electric salmon - 08 March 2006

Like the progression on the lead melody. Really nice sounds throughout. Slowly builds and adds layers. To be honest I can't really pick holes in this. The ending is very sudden but I guess you haven't finished it yet. I think it's a very good track. Nice one :)
      Planet Dust - 08 March 2006

Reviews of Haven't Seen The Best (Bouski)

I love this one, very enticing rock tune... Excellent!
Alexis ;)
      AVanE & Co - 19 June 2005

like it allot!! good work!!

      BRAZA - 11 June 2005

Another excellent track just as good as the other, bit of a special talent here. Lovely smooth flow to the whole thing. Onager
      paredafoe - 28 May 2005

Like it alot. nice feel. great work. Now if there was a major label out there with any kind of foresight. zah-zam.
      bri-an - 26 May 2005

nice production for a start, great composition, could definatly see this going quite large, perhaps Advert music. its wonderful

Thanks for the listen
      Tacx - 21 May 2005

Real mellow and smooth! I like! Love your description page too :-)
      Constant Revelation - 20 May 2005

Has some slight shades of The Verve in there as well..

Lovin the feel of the music.. It just flows soooooooooooooooooooooooo smoothly..

      Slippy-T - 19 May 2005

so laid back I fell off me chair,its very inxs and its very nice
respect from the acuna boyz
      2fragge - 19 May 2005

I listened to this last night and was quite impressed, but I was so tired man I just had to go to sleep. I can appreciate this a little more now though because i'm fully awake and not noddin' off!. Really love the percussion in the sounds so crystal, excellently produced. Vocalist sounds like he should def be in the band, really suits the instrumentation. Nice work guys, peace. the MIDDLEMEN.
      acrosoma - 19 May 2005

Great Song, nice sound. I like the way the drums seem doubled in some parts, I don't know if it's meant like this, but the outcome is great !
      drainage - 19 May 2005

Nice mellow track.Very smooth.Everything seems to have fell in place.Nice and tight.
      laurelv - 19 May 2005


December 4th 2006

The Molecules broadcast live in Second Life under new bandname: Strangefates!

The Molecules have made further progress in becoming the most virtual band in the universe by entering Second Life (SL), an online virtual planet. Over 1.5 million people are already registered there, where it seems more fun than real life. In the spirit of SL Dave has changed his name to Didier, and the Molecules music is now being performed by Didier's new band Strangefates.

Ashra a local club owner helped Didier make a test broadcast of Molecules music on her land, with support from fashion designers Sal and Jo (pictured above) covering guitar and bass. Information on further gigs will be posted. So look out for Strangefates in L and come and join us. more about our new band members Sal and Jo later.

December 1st 2006

Finally a new album!

The Molecules have released previews of their new album: The working title is Silent Ghosts, although not fully confirmed. The band name is likely to change to Strangefates as this is now the official bandname for the Molecules in the Virtual World Second Life. The band will be touring venues in Second Live from December. More details to follow.

Streamed tracks of the preview album can be found here.


November 2006

Dave and Rob finally meet to start work on latest track.

Yes, after a couple of years of silence, the boys got back together at Invisible Ray Studios Hillsborough this month for a recording session. Energy levels were high after a pub lunch at the Yew Tree...and a new track was born..celebrated with a few pints of strange Guinness at the Bee Hive.

The new track will be posted up on this site in the next few weeks as And.D has been commissioned to overdum drums on this one.

March 19th 2006

Molecules release their first Elecronic single

New Electronic Single

The Molecules have finally released a new double B-side single: 'March19th' and 'Shine'. This is their first all electronic single, and is currently being showcased at Dave composed the tracks using a keyboard with faulty keys connected to the fabulous Reason programme..version 3.0 with the bugs left in. He was quoted as telling Producer Ryan Beno "Less is more" and that he was inspired to write the music by using hardware and software that could potentially implode at any point. Johnny made a mysterious appearance in the virtual studio, but only at the point when everyone else had left to go to the pub.

April 23rd 2006

Molecules release their third electronic single: Gentle Future

After resounding success with their track Shine (Drum Remix), the Molecules have released a third electronic track: "Gentle Future". This is a song that Dave has been working on for a while and has been struggling to finish. this is mainly because there was a serious beer shortage in his local area. The Molecules have resorted to brew their own, and new Strange Fates G-Clamp Ale will soon be on the market to help promote the single.

10th May 2006

Leicester Tigers Fansite Officially launched

The Leicester Tigers Fan site has been launched. This has podcasts with the Molecules music as backing tracks! Who knows how that happened, but the band are happy.

The site includes, bloggs, chat and pictures from fans of all the stars.

You can find it here:


March 5th 2006

Dave Teams up with long time Leicester Tigers Fan to develop a podcast site.

Ben Leicester Tigers fan extraordinaire has just recently encouraged Dave to develop a website for Tigers Podcasts. This is part of the Molecules marketing strategy, as every podcast will start with a Molecules song. "Molecules and Tigers have a lot in common: they are scarcely seen or heard, but when they are, you say "what the **** was that?."


March 12th 2006

Johnny Breaks Silent Contact after studying Wobble Factors

Johnny Nightingale, historic silent vocalist accidently leant on his computer keyboard whilst studying music wobble factors and made contact with the outside world. There is talk of a World Sailing Tour as Johnny's silent blogg is near to release, and he has built a boat with a friend. We may never hear from him again! Any news will be found here.

November 13th 2005

Captain Amazon Film unearthed for re-release.

The historic Captain Amazon film (formerly known as "The Van") has just been lovingly restored. This silent movie inspired Johnny's vocal style as well demonstrating his hard hitting acting style which shocked critics starring as 'Craig's Mum'. The movie is now available for band members and special guests to view. If you wish to have a sneak preview, send an e-mail just telling us why!

June 2005

Vintage Molecules Live Video Unearthed

Rob recently opened his sock drawer at home to discover ancient video tapes with footage from the Molecules Tour of Yorkshire. This includes a 7 track set in its entirity: The Molecules Live at The Crypt, Huddersfield. This has been restored to ensure the original mistakes, poor camera work and blackmail potential remains. Dave has just released the whole show on limited DVD. A clip is available for viewing here.


July 29th 2005

Molecules Photoshoot In Sheffield

The Molecules were spotted in Sheffield crossing a road in slow motion moving towards invisible ray studios shooting test pictures for a new project thought to be inspired by a little known Liverpool Band. Johnny was interviewed by a local drunkard and he replied with silent expletives.


July 4th 2005

And.D Cool Beat Salvages Molecules Live8 Performance


During Live 8 The Molecules recently got together to make progress on Ich Bin Ein Machine. Recording stopped and started depending which band was on TV. The result had some interesting riffs but needed some serious tweaking in the studio afterwards. And.D saved the track with drums played using sticks that had been kept in his beer fridge to ensure the coolest beat.

July 21st 2005

Technical Problems Hold Up Forthcoming Bouski Album:

And.D's infamous digital drumkit had recently been acting up. It started playing it's own solos during performances and a cymbal started triggering on its own. The Bouski members proceeded to dismantle the whole kit and take the drum pads apart. When they put the kit back together there appeared to be a few extra parts left over. Things with wires coming out, the odd screw and a few funny shaped bits of plastic. After using a few 'tools' from the beer fridge, the band had realised that there was nothing wrong with the kit and a threshold setting just needed to be adjusted on the controls. The spare parts remain a mystery.

December 20th 2005

Ex Molecules Flute Player Sends Christmas Message


Eric Brown, Molecules flute player in the 90s, was thought to have spontaniously exploded in a gas accident years ago. However he made a dramatic return with a Christmas message to himself and his family.

Click here for a video clip


July 28th 2005

Dave Discovers the Guitar Tuner

After twenty years of playing guitar, Dave finally bought a guitar tuner. Unfortunately the instructions were written in Japanese. So far Dave has only figured out how to tune his strings to B. He therefore had all his guitar strings tuned to B. and he has started Japanese night class to learn how to read the manual. 'Green Light Sessions' using the tuner have started with Bouski. Despite many sessions, only one riff has emerged, in the key of B.






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