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Strangefates: Gravity Always Lets You Down 1994

Gravity Always Lets You Down:

Dave Szczerba: Guitars, Effects

Rob Szczerba: Guitars, Effect Knob

Johnny Nightingale: Silent Vocals

Robot Alien: Percussion

Gravity Always Lets You Down  

The Grunge Album

Quick to follow on from the success of the Audio album, The band members'' anxieties brought on a more saturated sound with a 'static electricity' feel about it. Dave was demonstrating split personality combining light ditties with monstrous heavy riffs. Robs guitars had treble knobs fitted on the treble knobs to cut through the wall of sound. Johnny invented his sponge tuning fork and the rest is history. The working title of the album was Zoo Chester. The opening track wakes up bears in hibernatation.



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